PDF Download - Collection of All 48 1950s Vintage Salesman Samples


These sample cards were taken door to door by dress salesmen to advertise their wares and they are gorgeous. Download and print your favorites to decorate your sewing room or just stare at them lovingly while the laundry goes undone. What a fabulous window into the past - make sure you check out the pockets on the one called 'News Print'...just insane.

Download the Whole Collection

Download a PDF of all 48 designs shown, to flick through on your computer/mobile device or print at home. It's a big big file. If you'd like just one or two of the designs, you can purchase them individually here

Image Quality

The thumbnail images you see here are deliberately low quality versions. The PDF download is high resolution (600dpi) with no watermark, like this one

Due to the nature of digital goods, there are no refunds on PDF purchases. If you have any trouble processing your order, email katherine[at]WeSewRetro.com for assistance.

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