DuBarry 1280 - 1930s Two Piece Dress Vintage Sewing Pattern


DuBarry 1280: Two piece dress with an iconic 1930s silhouette. 


Paper or PDF?

This is an original vintage paper sewing pattern that will be shipped to wherever you are in the world so you can hold it and love it and squeeze it. 

The pattern is complete and factory-cut, as was common at the time. The pattern pieces are in excellent condition. The instructions have a small tear that won't interfere with reading. The envelope is in good condition. 


Size Chart
Bust 34"
Hip 37"


The Pattern Company

DuBarry was a pattern brand created by Simplicity for sale exclusively in Woolworths stores. They were manufactured from the early 1930s throught the late 1940s and consequently can be quite difficult to find. 


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Get the Look

See the matching belt on the pattern envelope? We have the supplies for you to make your own and they ship free when purchased with a pattern. 

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