How to Do Fashion København Dress Paper Sewing Pattern


København is a late 1950s inspired dress with choice of two necklines and a feminine silhouette.

Paper or PDF?

This is a paper sewing pattern that will be shipped to wherever you are in the world so you can hold it and love it and squeeze it.  (You can find the PDF version of København here if you prefer.)

The shipping calculator at checkout will give you an exact quote once you’ve entered your address so feel free to throw this in your cart while you shop. 

Size Chart
Bust 33.1" 34.6" 36.2" 37.8" 39.8" 41.7" 44.1" 46.5"
Waist 26" 27.6" 29.1" 30.7" 32.7" 34.6" 37" 39.4"
Hip 37" 38.6" 40.2" 41.7" 43.7" 45.7" 48" 50.4"

Prefer centimetres? Check the size chart provided in the pattern images.


The Designer

How To Do Fashion is an independent pattern company from Denmark. Nanna, the creative force behind the brand, is passionate about vintage fashion and helping others learn to sew. 

How To Do Fashion paper patterns have instructions available online so you can either refer to the instructions on your phone/tablet/computer as you go or print them out before you start. 


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